Profiles Streightup Band

Here are the profiles of the team;

Steve Webb
We have been trucking along for a while and we all enjoy getting out and playing, except for setup which is something I don’t have a lot of patience for. We are always looking to entertain rather than just play the music. We are always improving as a live band more…

Davina Roper
Davina has a huge background in singing. She loves theatre and performing arts and is well known around the musical theatre circles more..

Sam Webb
Sam is the ideal party band drummer. He plays with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. Sam started off filling in for the band for a short while and jumped at the chance to take over the drumming role from former member Damian Rameka more..

Daniel Tewhaiti

Dan is new to the band but new to the live music scene in Hawkes Bay, He is multi talented and has picked up the Bass role for us. Dan’s playing is at a high level as are his vocals. Dan is a seasoned musician and is well know in music circles.

Warwick Hill – Former Member

I started playing back in the 70’s when my brother had a band called Tyburn Hill. They played the local pub scene and the odd wedding and private function. Through lack of a bass player they asked me to play a gig with them however I didn’t even know how to play. After some express lessons I was basically on stage playing them and I learnt from there. more…


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