Live Band – Equipment

As we are a Live Band, to play live music a band needs to sound and look good. This requires a decent investment in audio equipment and lighting.

We have put a lot of time and effort in to creating a good atmosphere for a live band situation. Generally we have had great feedback about the quality of our audio and lighting setup.

Every venue is different but if we have the opportunity to sound check before the event it makes a big difference. Sound is quite different when a room or hall is empty compared to being full of sound absorbing people.  Being able to get out the front during a performance gives us a chance to hear view what it’s like form the audience point of view. Awesome that we have wireless based technology that allows us not to be tied to a cord. Through experience we have managed to refine this process as much as possible  – but hey it’s live music after all.

Streightup Band has the following;

Live Band – Audio

Professional Mixing desk
Powered Front of House Speakers
Professional Sub Woofer
Powered Monitor Systems
Wireless In Ear monitoring system
Wireless Microphones (x2)
Wireless Guitar System
Rack Mount 2 channel compressor
Drum Microphone set
Additional Vocal Microphones (x3)
Instrument Microphones (x2)
Power Conditioner

All associated cabling to connect equipment together and stands

Live Band – Lighting

Chauvet Professional Flood Lighting (x2)
Chauvet 4 Play Effect Lighting
Chauvet High Power Tri Flood
Standard LED Par Cans (x6)
Super Flood Strobe
All required stands and leads.

Generally we don’t use smoke or atmospheric hazing as you never know how this may effect people who have associated breathing disorders.

On top of this we have our own personal instruments and equipment.

If you are looking for a live band Hawkes Bay please contact us.






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