Live Music and Bands Hawkes Bay This week at the Cabana,

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$10 includes a free drink.

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site de rencontres vannes Blues De Luxe are a group of local musicians who have met and played together at significant local venues over the past 3 years in various formats, and finally found an opportunity where the members are all available to combine and entertain with their reasonably eclectic range of taste in music.

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Last ever GIG

There’s a party going on at The Cabana . Come and get down with A Twin Moon, Mucus Kids, mr sterile Assembly and Gold Medal Famous. It’s the first time since 2012 that Gold Medal Famous has played Napier and the first time ever Mr Sterile Assembly and Mucus Kids have rocked your fair city.


Sewer Punk!

Outsider Punk!

Indie Alternative Rock, Ambient!

Indie Rock, Electropop, Noise!

Good times.



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