Live Music Hawkes Bay – Cabana February

Live Music in Hawkes Bay this week…
Thursday 5th: Ukulele Night $10 1st Drink Free.
Friday 6th:..Temple Of The Grunge (NZ’s best Grunge Band) $10
Saturday 7th:The Rude Boyz ..Toki Sports Club Fundraiser $20 includes Food and Courtesy van.

Tuesday 10th: DYSE (Germany) Drum Guitar Razz $10
Thursday 12th..Music Machine Muso Night $5
Friday 13th… Invoke The Fury and Friends $10
Saturday 14th:..Swamp Thing ( Dance Grooves) $20
Sunday 15th:…King Missile (New York) $40

Thursday 19th:. Karaoke $5
Friday 20th…Dead Heroes Collective, Diamond Doll, Eilish Rose $10
Saturday 21st:..1 DROP NATION $10/$15
Sunday 22nd:..Forlelgh (UK) plus 4 bands $5

Thursday 26th:…Brian Ernst (USA) Soul… $10

Friday 26th:.. Guv’s 5th Party: Mind Field, Culprits, Golden Curtain, Fane Flaws,The Rude Boyz, Jackie and Chris. Bus Crash $5 entry  all drinks $5

Saturday 27th:..Guv’s 5th Party: Danny Dangerous, Old Mans Beard, Bold Deceivers, Ross Turner, Maria Williams, Queens Of Beauty School, Eilish Rose, Gibby, The Pukes.$5 Entry  all Drinks $5

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